Six Tips To Creating An Energized Working Space | Chifley Securities

Do you ever think about how much time you spend in your office space? If you a business owner how many times do you give thought to bringing comfort to the people who spend hours on end working within your space?

For any company having your people happy at work promotes work life balance and a healthy work environment. On Monday morning when that alarm clock rings you want your people to be pumped up and ready to get into the office and start their work week off right.

Here are six tips to whip your office into shape and make it a better atmosphere for your people.

ONE: Provide some great caffeine options! The last thing you want your team members doing is making coffee hunting part of their morning trek to the office. As if morning traffic wasn’t bad enough the line at the coffee shop can be even worse. Take the hassle out of your employees morning rush and provide a great coffee machine option in the office.

TWO: Provide different desk options for your employees. Promote health at work by giving them the chance to change desks during the day. Get some elevated desks so people could stretch out and stand for a bit.

THREE: Recycling is becoming more and more important to most people. Provide some simple recycle bins for employees to discard trash and recyclables, also making them aware of environmental responsibility.

FOUR: Cutlery – there’s nothing worse then unpacking your lunch and realising you forgot your utensils. It may seem like such a small thing but it’s a perk that will go along way with your team.

FIVE: Promoting a healthy workplace is always important. So do something simple like providing a fruit bowl, its one of those things that if it’s there it will get eaten and keep your staff energized and healthy throughout the day.

SIX: Wi-Fi! These days it’s made painfully clear that Australia lags behind other countries in providing Wi-Fi. So be apart of the solution and provide Wi-fi so workers can log in from their laptops and mobile devices!