Need a commercial loan before Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year when we get to spend time with family, eat great food and put our feet up. While the time off work is what make Christmas many people’s favourite time of year, it can be a nightmare for those trying to secure commercial loans and settle property. Many solicitors start winding down their work in December, refusing any new jobs that might have them working up until Christmas. Banks cut back to a skeleton staff with many employees taking holiday leave and business considerations are put on the back burner in favour of Christmas celebrations.

If businesses or investors rely on traditional banks for loans, they are likely to still be waiting for their loans to clear in mid to late January, even if they apply early in December. For many people this is just not an option and in those situations, the only viable alternative is non-bank lenders such as Chifley Securities.

Chifley Securities has their own legal and credit teams who work throughout the month of December.  We are adept at working within tight deadlines  to deliver a high quality, personalised service all year round. This allows us to approve loans in 24 hours, turn around legal documents in 48 hours and settle loans in two to three weeks. With Chifley Securities it is still possible to secure a commercial loan before Christmas.

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