The Right Finance, No Matter the Deal

How Chifley outperforms the rest

We eliminated restrictive pooled capital, the cumbersome processing stress, and the endless layers of red tape that come with it. Instead, we match borrowers directly with particular investors.

Using our proprietary credit matrix and a risk-based lending process — we see profitable deals through a strategic, flexible lens that most mainstream lenders are blind to.

Our firm has carved a track record as the foremost leader in speed – and for time sensitive developers, there is no better solution. We can provide offers in the same day, and settle transactions in 2-3 weeks (often even less).

Who Do We Lend To?


We Specialise in loans from $2m to $250m plus

  • First mortgages (normally to 65% LVR)
  • Stretched Mezzanine debt up to 75%
  • Bridging finance
  • Construction finance

Here are some of the kinds of assets we can finance:

  • Commercial Property purchases and refinance.
  • Residential Property where the funds are used for commercial purposes.
  • Land Banking for developers.
  • Development Sites
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