As one of Australia’s most loved and trusted children’s charities, Camp Quality exists to support any child who is impacted by a cancer diagnosis: whether that is their own or the diagnosis of someone they love like their brother, sister, mother or father.

The sad reality is cancer rates are increasing year on year in Australia with over 750 children diagnosed in the last 12 months alone, while a further 9,700 were already at some stage of their own diagnosis.

Add to this the number of children who will learn their brother, sister, mother or father has been diagnosed and we conservatively estimate over 70,000 children under the age of 13 will be trying to come to grips with cancer, and its potential impact on themselves and those they love, in any given year.

Never has there been a greater need for us to support our kids via access to services, programs and resources to help them navigate the daily ups and down of a cancer experience. By supporting them, educating them and ultimately reassuring them that, while cancer is an experience they may have to face it is not one that needs define their childhoods, we can fundamentally change the cancer story for them.

In this context, every one at Camp Quality is excited and grateful for the support the Chifley Group has offered by stepping up and becoming a National Corporate Partner.

As a national Not-for-Profit Camp Quality is unusual in that we do not received any significant, sustainable funding from any Government source. We therefore rely entirely on the generosity of everyday Australian’s, and amazing companies like the Chifley Group, to help us continue to strive to be there for any child that needs us: whenever, wherever and however they need us.

Chifley Group is publicly honouring the value they place the importance of family and particularly the importance of supporting a family as they face what can be one of the most challenging times of their lives: a cancer diagnosis.

They are also expressing their belief that creating opportunities for children to laugh out loud, experience new adventures and have fun with people who understand them, are an important part of any childhood and should not be denied to those that are facing a cancer experience.

By standing with us the Chifley Group is helping to ensure that, while a cancer diagnosis may disrupt a childhood, it will not steal it.

And for that we, and every child and family we work to support, is extremely grateful.

Camp Quality