Chifley Securities’s Tips to Prepare Your Property For Sale

Properties you own can often times feel like your babies. Especially if you have a home that you have built and cherished memories in with loved ones. The sale of a property involves many steps and can take an unknown amount time depending on different factors. So let’s go through the most important steps that need to be taken when selling a property. The first step in selling your property is deciding that you want to sell it.

There could be many reasons that would make you want to sell your property such as upsizing, downsizing, financial worries, or just changing your investment strategy. When selling property some months have been proven to be better than others but you must evaluate the overall market and pick the best strategy for your needs.

Next you must prepare your property. It’s time for a major spring clean! Make sure to take care of all outstanding maintenances and repairs. You want your property to look absolutely the best when getting it ready to show buyers. You can also consult a property expert before making any major changes just to be sure that it adds to the value when selling.

Next, get committed and find an agent. Your agent is in charge of marketing, advertising, and showing the property to potential buyers. Then decide on how you want to sell the property. Decide which sales process you like best such as auction or private treaty. Determine your selling price. You may have your property valued by an expert, who will assess its location, size, age and any extra features it has, and your agent can guide you on similar sales in the area and market conditions.

The final steps of the sale can be lead by your real estate agent as he/she is there to guide you through the sales process. Go to market, negotiate or auction, get under contract, and finally settlement day.

Before you know you have sold your property and you are ready to move on!